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Indiso Speleo - Naturally clear breathing!

Indiso Speleo medical dry salt therapy is recommended for the following cases:

  •       asthma and allergy
  •       bronchitis and croup
  •       tracheitis and sinusitis
  •       COPD and CF
  •       eczema and psoriasis
  •       for people involved in active sports
  •       for people living in smog-polluted areas
  •       for smokers
  •       to improve physical fitness
  •       as prevention


Why is Indiso different?

The true medical effect of the Indiso dry salt therapy is ensured by infusing air with highly concentrated (20-22 mg/m³), extremely fine grained (at a particle size of only 0.2 microns) NaCl of the highest purity. Owing to a micro-climate which is similar to the therapeutic environment of natural salt caves, the agent in the aerosol reaches even the smallest bronchi during the session. In contrast to other widespread salt therapies, the beneficial effects of the Indiso therapy affect the lower respiratory tracts as well.

Wet salt therapies have a very high humidity of 95-98% and this causes the salt that is inhaled to stick to the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth, potentially causing increased mucus secretion and irritation. Therefore, wet salt therapies are not advised for a number of conditions.

The purity of the agent used is especially significant, and not only in terms of effectiveness; contaminants reaching our respiratory system in the form of such microscopic particles pose a serious health risk. It is precisely for this reason that Indiso exclusively uses ISO certified pharmaceutical grade agents.

It is important to note that this type of therapeutic environment prevents the spread of illness or cross-infection, rendering the therapy risk-free for use in groups.


What Doctors Say

Dr. Gábor Répássy

(Chairman, College of Otolaryngologists)

The INDISO dry salt therapy is an effective method used for the prevention and rehabilitation of  various otolaryngological and rhinological conditions.


Dr. Ildikó Batta


Respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies have increasing rates of incidence. Indiso dry salt therapy is an excellent choice in such cases. It is delightful to hear how rarely the symptoms appear and when they do, how moderate the symptoms are. We can cut back on medication for an extended period or even abandon it completely. In many cases children become entirely asymptomatic.

When parents witness the results for their children, they too are often inclined to try the therapy.


Dr. László Gárdos

(Paediatrician in Chief, Zala County Hospital, Department of Paediatrics)

We have been using Indiso therapy for years. We have successfully applied the Indiso dry salt therapy, which reproduces the climate of salt caves/salt mines in a hospital environment, in cases of chronic upper respiratory disease and pathological conditions entailing bronchial secretion as well as severe cases of atopic dermatitis.


Dr. Tímea  Spicze

(Chief Paediatric Pulmonologist, Kenézy Gyula Hospital, Debrecen)

Based on our experience over the past five years and a quality of life survey we conducted with some of our patients, they testify to a considerable improvement in their quality of life, with a decrease in the frequency of  asthmatic fits, feeling fatigued and erratic sleeping. The patients'  conditions do not burden their daily lives as much as they used to.


Dr. Péter Jákó

(Honorary Associate Professor, National Sports Health Institute)

For several years, we conducted research and monitored the data of 240 patients suffering from pulmonary asthma and hay fever and saw a considerable improvement in their respiratory function test results. The significant improvement in patients’ conditions had become stable after 20 treatments. Taking into account how pervasive and agonizing the symptoms of asthma and allergic hay fever are, the fact that this treatment is capable of producing such a stable recovery without the use of steroids, well-known to have side-effects, is a considerable achievement.


Dr. Annamária Fehér

(Chief Pediatric Pulmonologist, BAZ County Hospital)

Since 2008, our institute has been using the Indiso therapy everyday to treat a group of 10-12 children suffering from asthma, bronchitis and relapsing croup. The most important aspect of the therapy is the effect on the mucous membrane of respiratory organs and on smooth muscle around the bronchi. It improves bronchial tone and respiratory function and reduces inflammation and mucus secretion. In the case of allergies, it can improve histamine and IgE levels.


Why is this the only MEDICAL salt therapy in Hungary?

Indiso therapy is preceded by a medical screening to test for indication or contraindication. Depending on the severity of the condition and the target of treatment, a number of different therapies are possible.

Prevention: 10-session therapy - enhancement of resistance, treatment of upper respiratory problems and non-chronic conditions.

Rehabilitation: 20-session therapy - therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation of lower and upper respiratory problems.

As a supplementary solution in the course of traditional medical treatment, the Hungarian Colleges of Pulmonology and Otolaryngology  endorse the Indiso SPELEO dry salt therapy!

The well-founded and effective nature of the therapy is verified by comprehensive research and a solid medical background; the treatments are often prescribed by doctors.

The Indiso ISAG is a special medical apparatus developed in Hungary; the technology and therapy are certified by EMKI (Healthcare Quality Improvement and Hospital Technology Institute), and it uses an ISO certified agent.


The essence of the Indiso Speleo medical salt therapy

  • using the special Indiso ISAG, we reproduce the micro-climate of natural salt mines, along with all their positive physiological effects
  • the medically pure, ISO-qualifyed active ingredient (99.99% NaCl) saturates the air at high concentrations (approx. 20 mg / m3)
  • the micro particles in the dry, extraordinarily fine aerosol have an unparalleled size of 0.2 microns
  • natural, pharmaceutical and free from side-effects 


  • upon inhalation, the micro particles reach the smallest recesses  of the respiratory organs
  • the natural agent takes effect where it is most needed
  • owing to its mucolytic effect, the pathways of the respiratory tract are thoroughly cleared 
  • reduces the swelling of the mucous membrane, improves breathing
  • considerably improves quality of life
  • increases the body’s resistance and lung capacity


Naturally clear breathing!


  • Hungary’s most well-known medical  dry salt therapy
  • Natural supplementary treatment method  for lower and upper respiratory diseases
  • Effective relief for cases of asthma, allergy, croup, bronchitis, COPD, CF, and mild upper respiratory diseases
  • Strengthens endurance, improves fitness
  • Doctor’s prescription and control
  • 100,000 treatments, nearly 100% satisfaction
  • High-purity and high-concentration pharmaceutical and additive free agent